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Tell Me a Story
Spend time with Storyteller Andre Keitt as he relays how to present the magic of storytelling to school age audiences and family audiences. Discover innovative ways to spin tales with the use of costumes, props, pictures, games, songs, cooking demonstrations and more!

This Way to Books
Learn innovative ways to create partnerships with families as they foster the reading success in children. The audience will hear about topics that lead children to becoming the “best” readers they can be, while, at the same time enjoying the whole learning experience. Strategies such as Talking Together, Tall Tales, Writing Resources, Print Rich Environments, and Reading Aloud will all be explored.


Keys to the Keepers
A presentation about American slaves and their descendents keeping hold to their African culture, through storytelling and folklore. This talk delves into the migration of the African Oral Tradition from its place of inception, the motherland of Africa, to its arrival on the shores of early America.

Tales, Talk & Tunes of the Harlem Renaissance
Travel back in time as the speaker transports the audience back in time, to a speakeasy during the glory days of 1920s Harlem, a time when drinking in bars was prohibited, when The Cotton Club ruled the night club revelers, and the sounds of Count Base and his Orchestra vibrated from the box! This interactive presentation is liable to have audience members Shimmying all they got as they cut the rug, doing the Tango and the Charleston!

When You’re Young at Heart
Intergenerational story program for the senior set. Hear stories about the silver foxes of a wacky retirement home; the interactions of a storyteller and his grandmother; as well as, a delicious demonstration cooked up to delight the taste buds and the memories of the soul.


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